Install A Deb File Without Cydia Apps

Basically, all of those steps above with iSsh, didn't really need to be done, it was just something I found online that I thought made sense, but wasn't really what I needed.. Install Deb Files Cydia ImpactorDidn't someone just compile/build it into a deb so people didn't have to build it themselves.. This is sorta what I Found This is sorta what I Found Click to expand Thanks for the reply.

Rebooted the device twice, and then a ReSpring after that, and voila Installed, and worked perfectly.. Now open Safari app from your iOs device Then download any deb files you like to your iOs device.. IVe tried a few methods Some that require a download app, so U download the Deb file onto the app, but then the App doesnt know what to do with it next.. I have CyberDuck on my desktop at home, and I know how to use it And something about transfering the file to the TMP folder?! Just throwing out some idea's here that I came across.

Install A Deb File Without Cydia Apps IosInstall Deb Files Cydia ImpactorOpen Cydia and Search For APT 0.. Click to expand Hey, thanks for your replies Greatly appreciated Ive been searching on google, and Im getting no where.. Curious, would you mind sending me a private message with that Link you were talking about?!I did see something about SHH'ing.

Hope this helps p s @ciaran00: I'm pretty sure its not a 'leak' as the project is open source and hosted on comex's github.. In fact comex said it was fine there was a deb floating around, just preferred it was hosted on a repo.. Install A Deb File Without Cydia Apps IosIt will take care of it for you and even will be visible in the Manage->Packages section of Cydia.. 7 Strict and Install if, if you can’t able to find it, try changing Cydia Settings to Developer.

Ok so this is what I did And yes, I do have my password changed, I did that the day I jailbroke my ipad.. Now download Safari Download Enabler or Safari Download Manager in Cydia so you can directly download a deb file to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.. Install deb files using iFile Launch Cydia on your jailbroken iOS device, then search and download iFile.. To be on the safe side I have the Deb file (frash actually) I connected to my device with CyberDuck, and then I went to the Var Directory, and created a folder called Cydia, then within that another folder called AutoInstall, and I placed the Deb file in there.. A substantially easier way to do this: Go to cydia and install iFile (File browser with TONS of features) in iFile click on the deb file and choose installer.. Locate any Cydia app,whose DEB file you want to create, scroll down and note down the Bundle ID of the Package. 5ebbf469cd